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"During my recovery from ACL surgery, Chris and his team listened to my goals and both supported and pushed me to not only meet but exceed them. They are knowledgeable, patient, and supportive. It's a great atmosphere to work toward healing in and I would recommend them to anyone!"
Feb 21, 2023
"Thank you Drevna-Hudson for helping me get back to a full life after total knee replacement. What a well-run, professional team....from the ladies at the front desk to everyone in the therapy room. Special thanks to Sherri who knew exactly how to inspire & guide me. And Teanna is an exceptional therapist!! She is so talented. I truly appreciate all you did for me!!!!!!"
Jan 23, 2023
"I’ve had the pleasure of your expert care and experience several times over the years but this was by far the most challenging injury to overcome. I was nervous about whether I’d need more invasive treatment but am thrilled beyond words how your caring guidance rid me of all pain and left me strong! Thank you, Jen and Bernie, for gently encouraging me through the process with kindness. I’m especially impressed by your office staff who are always so polite and professional and so very kind! You take care of each other and it shows."
Jan 20, 2023
"I came to Drevna Hudson PT with mid back pain. I worked with Chris Hudson, Mandy and Berni. Chris was fantastic. He was caring, and knowledgeable and worked to loosen my back muscles to relieve the pain. Mandy and Berni were very supportive and encouraging as I went through a series of exercises to strengthen my back and core. Before being released from his care, Chris provided me with exercises that I could continue to do at home. I feel like I have the tools I need to keep my back limber and pain free. "
Nov 28, 2022
"Individualized attention, friendly therapists and support staff. You’re a person here, not a number. This place is good for the soul. And PT works. "
Nov 18, 2022
"Everyone at Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy was amazing. From our first call to set up an appointment, to discharge from treatment the entire staff was welcoming and professional. My daughter worked with various professionals during her treatment time (Chris, Mandy, Bern and LeAnn). Every provider made her feel at ease during her sessions and was very knowledgeable. Chris has both personal experience with raising athletes and professional experience treating athletes . He's a very relatable and highly qualified physical therapist! The goals for treatment were clear and the plan was effective. My daughter was back to playing the sport she loves in less than 8 weeks. He also provided motivation outside of treatment for her to continue lacrosse and keep working hard. I highly recommend Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy and will chose the practice again if we require PT services. "
Oct 01, 2022
"We had such a wonderful experience at Drevna Hudson with Chris Hudson and staff. Scheduling was easy with plenty of appointment slots available. Chris was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and patient with our 13 year old son as he worked to regain strength and mobility after an injury. We will continue to recommend Chris and Drevna Hudson! "
Aug 29, 2022
"I have been treated for three different situations at Drevna Hudson. The Front desk very courteous and easy to work with in terms of scheduling. The PTs are very knowledgeable and very sensitive to pain and comfort levels. Chris Hudson did a fantastic job in Stretching and massage. The whole practice had the knowledge to fix my issues. This practice has the passion and expertise to heal and fix your issues. "
Jun 27, 2022
"I have been a patient at Drevna-Hudson PT numerous times over the past years, the most recent being for treatment of right knee pain. Each time I have been a patient I have received excellent evaluation, teaching related to the problem, therapy, & instruction on how to continue a program at home to maintain the progress made. Chris was my PT, & Bernie, Mandy, Sherri, & Luke were the PTA’s that worked with me. I so appreciate the personal care & attention each one gave to help me get the most benefit out of the program. Luke, especially, reinforced the need to continue exercising consistently (his 3 “C’s”: consistency, consistency, consistency!) at home in order to maximize function & mobility- especially as we age. A big thank you to all of you, the office staff included, for your excellent care. I would highly recommend Drevna to anyone needing therapy & looking for a very professional & congenial atmosphere! "
Oct 07, 2021
"Extremely pleased with everything at Drevna-Hudson PT Everyone was very professional and caring I would highly recommend this practice to anyone that needs Physical Therapy!!!"
Aug 05, 2021
"I went to Drevna and Associates after my shoulder surgery. The therapists and assistants are top notch! They showed genuine concern, professionalism and expertise. Thank you Tim, Sherry, Bernie and Luke! I highly recommend Drevna and Associates! "
Jul 13, 2021
"I've been a patient three times over the last 11 years for rehab following arthroscopic shoulder surgeries, and there are reasons why I keep returning to Drevna. The staff is professional, accessible and responsive to my questions and concerns. They encouraged me and challenged me as I progressed from the difficult, early post-op days to the point where I am nearing 100 percent. A big thank you and highest praise to my physical therapist, Chris, and the PT assistants I worked with -- Bernie, Mandy, Sherri, Amy and Luke. "
May 12, 2021
"My experience at Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy associates was outstanding. My physical therapist Lisa Goussetis was fantastic. After going to see so many doctors with my TMJ and headaches I was very discouraged. I had posted on Facebook that I was searching for recommendations on what direction to pursue next, and a friend of mine (who is an occupational therapist) in Boston took the time to look up physical therapists in Pennsylvania that worked with TMJ patients. She found Lisa and highly recommended her. Because of Lisa and her skill, treatment and patience in getting to the bottom of the underlining causes to my TMJ, I am a changed person. Thank you so much Lisa and Amy for helping me get well! I'm so grateful."
Mar 14, 2021
"Having recently completed both pre-op and post-op (hip replacement) physical therapy regimens at Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy, I wish to enthusiastically commend the entire Drevna Team for the care, support and regular encouragement that I experienced throughout all of my sessions with them. From the check-in and scheduling staff to the PT assistants, to my personal PT Chris, I extend heartfelt gratitude for making these challenging months that much more manageable. Your expertise, most personable and engaging interaction within what quickly grew to feel like a supportive family atmosphere, and your unwavering support and encouragement kept me pushing forward. Thanks especially to Chris, Luke, Bernie, Ellen, LeAnn and Mandy who all worked with me directly. Because of you, I'm walking tall today."
Jan 30, 2021
" Our family highly recommends Drevna. And here's why: My 13-year old son come in for a knee evaluation after he was injured on the soccer field. We were nicely welcomed at the front desk, given updates in the waiting area (even though we had no wait) and ultimately had a complete and thorough evaluation by Mr. Tim Drevna himself. He belongs among the most personable, professional healthcare providers I've ever met. During our evaluation, Tim asked dozens of questions, tested the strength of the knee in several ways, evaluated my child's legs, walk, balance, pain level, and gave us a tutorial on how the knee works. Not only that, he gave our boy a list of home exercises and follow-up care advice that will get him back on the soccer field sooner than later. I'm impressed by our experience at Drevna. And frankly, I'm not easy to please. Great care at this practice! Jaca Spangler Hempfield Soccer Mom As a patient/client at Drevna, you can expect and receive personal attention, and a plan for recovery that's specific to your needs. "
Oct 12, 2020
"They are very knowledgeable and I worked with the same person who was very good (Luke). Very good overall atmosphere. I could tell they enjoy working there. It did NOT feel like an assembly line as I have read about some other places. They did not pressure me into coming more than necessary or give me 5 different people, like another place I went to (NC on G. Run). "
Jul 30, 2020
"I think they all deserve a 10! Have been seen by Mike, Chris and Tim. They are the very BEST in Lancaster County, bar none. Thank you Drevna-Hudson PT for all you do for all of us in need of physical therapy. You still owe me a t-shirt! You certainly deserve one! Give us a call, we'll have it ready for pick up! DPT staff"
May 28, 2020
"All therapy staff are extremely knowledgeable and focused on having each patient regain their prior abilities. Due to a foot injury, I had a lot of difficulty standing, walking, doing stairs as well as completing daily activities. Following my PT treatment I am now doing everything I was before my injury. "
Sep 11, 2019
"Excellent care. Professional. I had a lot of complication following a partial knee replacement. My rehab was customized for my needs and I was able to get back to living life and doing what I wanted. "
Aug 29, 2019
"After being sick and falling on vacation in Italy, on return home I had multiple tests and diagnostic test. After a period of healing, I knew I needed directions from Physical Therapists!!! I knew exactly who to call - Drevna Physical Therapy. They are the BEST!!! Chris and Mandy are a great team. Actually, I have had Amy in the past- she is great also!"
Aug 29, 2019
"Always professional and kind. Adjusted activities as needed. Encouragement is sometimes as important as expertise. Everyone is helpful and pleasant."
Aug 28, 2019
  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • When I broke my patella, I needed PT. Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy was Professional in every way. The team was courteous, caring and friendly. I could not bend my knee or walk without crutches, or my leg brace. Luke and Mike were with me every step of the way towards my recovery. I walked in Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy on crutches and walked out without them! Thank you.

    Maryanne G. (3/17/2019)

  • DDrevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • After putting off knee replacement surgery for at least 5 years, on 11/1/18 I finally gave in and had it done. Not knowing the other damage I was doing to my gait with the limping, I had more issues than expected, not just knee but also hip and back. Having been disappointed with some other PT services, Drevna-Hudson PT was recommended in particular Dr. Jennifer Rice. 3 days after surgery she took charge. Not one to make excuses, she quickly jumped into action with great results. Dr Rice monitored my progress along with some of her coworkers, but never abandoned me. I could not be happier with the end results and after 3 months am approaching normal. Thank you Dr Rice and Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy.

    Richard K. (2/1/2019)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • I have had an excellent experience here. Prior to PT walking was limited and I was in intermittent pain. Today as I leave I am walking well and rarely have pain.

    Thank you to the front staff for their welcoming smiles and to all the therapists for their time and dedication to my wellbeing. A special thanks to Jen.

    Kathleen C. (1/30/2019)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • A huge thank you to Michael and Luke for helping to strengthen my knees and hips so that I could once again maintain a more active life style! Their expertise and knowledge provided exercises to correct knees from bending inward and hips that are much more toned-keeping proper body alignment. I was unaware of how much pressure was put on my joints causing discomfort, swelling in my knee and achy hip joints. They gave me a program that I can use anywhere and have educated me on how important it is for strength training! Balance! And conditioning!

    Terri A. (9/17/2018)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy is the best place to go for physical therapy. The staff is so friendly and they always greet you with a smile. I came to Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy after having hip replacement surgery. Chris and Mandy helped me through my ups and downs. I am so grateful for their patience and for their encouragement when things got rough. Today is my last day of PT and I will continue with my exercises at home. My goal is to come back to Silver and Fit class. I will miss listening to Chris’s stories about his boys and I will miss sharing recipes with Mandy. Thank you so much Chris and Mandy.

    Henrietta L. (9/4/2018)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • I came to Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy post total knee replacement. Chris was great. Very patient, each week I felt as though I was getting stronger and improving. I put this TKR off for many years. Now I am looking forward to having my other knee done this spring! I will return to Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy!

    Janice M. (8/8/2018)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • I started coming to Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy for PT when I had pain in my shoulder. The first time I went I met Jen who told me what was wrong with my shoulder, and told me how we were going to fix it. After a few visits and once we started the exercises I had a lot of fun coming to see her. When worked with me very well and made sure I did it right. She printed out pictures of the exercises and wrote notes, which was very helpful at home. After my treatment with Jen my shoulder pain in minimum or no pain at all. It was a really fun/good experience for me.

    Ava M. (7/20/2018)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • Everyone was great. The exercises were helpful in easing my pain in my back and hip. The comradery is amazing! It was a great family atmosphere. I’ll continue with my exercises to maintain my progress.

    Betty M. (7/11/2018)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • Chris and Mandy are great to work with. They got me back in 3 months from a total knee replacement. I would recommend Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy to anyone that needs therapy. Thanks Guys!

    Charles N. (7/10/2018)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • I am what my husband very nicely calls, a “walking disaster”. As such, I have spent a great deal of time at Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy and my two saviors Amy and Amy. My family MD referred me to Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy when I was having shoulder issues, and I was thoroughly impressed with how well my rehab went. When I tore my ACL in 2015 from a skiing accident I knew I was heading back to Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy for my PT. I returned to Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy the following year when I had issues with a surgically repaired right foot. Again, the Amy’s were outstanding. Whenever any of my friends are in need of PT my recommendation will always be Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy.

    Heather L. (6/18/2018)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • After not being able to eat my favorite food…tacos anymore, after a slipped disc in my jaw I came to see Lisa. She is so knowledgeable and very helpful. I received excellent care and she taught me about posture and how bad it affects your jaw. Something I had never thought of. Thanks to her I am now back to the gym and working on my strength training with no more jaw pain. You all rock here at Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy! Thank you!

    Amber S. (6/12/2018)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • I came here after having both knees replaced at the same time. I was in a lot of pain but Jen was very patient with me. She always answered ALL my questions and helped me through the pain of therapy. She was always interested in what I was going through with exercising at home like doing the steps, sleeping, etc. I came in walking with a walker and finished walking on my own with no help, and back to doing daily activities. I have had other therapist’s in the past, but have never been as pleased with the service as much as the service I got here. Thank you!

    Rebecca K. (5/18/2018)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • During a show I took a fall and ended up needing surgery to repair the peroneal tendon in my right ankle. After 6 weeks of nonweight bearing Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy helped me get back to normal life! It’s amazing to have a PT who can help dancers get back on stage. Thank you!

    Rebekah H. (4/30/2018)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • I have had TMJ problems for a couple of years, but only recently started to have pain. I was able to understand why these started and also help to develop a plan to ease the pain. Also I was put on a path to start even more exercises and stronger overall body. I’m excited to start on my path.

    Lizh H. (4/17/2017)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • I can’t say enough how professional and kind and caring my team of Mike & Sherri are. I was here for PT after my knee replacement. How many people can say they looked forward to PT after a painful surgery? It was pure joy from beginning to end. I walk perfectly now! And my team told me how to build up the support for my other knee until surgery next summer. I came to care deeply about and for my excellent team. Thank you so much! Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy is the best!

    God bless you all!

    Hawton-Hill (10/6/2016)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • I am an avid tennis player. I injured my shoulder due to years of overuse and surgery was the only option to repair my torn rotator cuff. I started PT about 10 days post-surgery. Tim started off slow teaching me simple movements to break up scar tissue and relieve cramping. We progressed consistently over 4 months with manual manipulation and exercises that I could do at home. Tim always listened to my concerns, explained what we were doing, and never pushed beyond what I could tolerate. He understood my desire to get back to my tennis playing and active life style. He was always encouraging and got me excited about my progress. I enjoyed going to PT and being around the positive, supportive atmosphere created by the staff.

    After PT with Tim, I had bridge sessions with Russ at Fortius. That got me the rest of the way there. I cannot say enough about th excellent care I received from both Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy. The physical therapy along with the bridge program is a great combination for total recovery. I feel stronger and in better shape than I had ever hoped to be and am grateful to Tim and his staff for getting me back to my active lifestyle.

    Christine H. (6/30/2016)

  • Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy | Lancaster PA | Testimonial
  • I have been a customer of Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy intermittently for 6 years. I love sports and have participated in sports all my life. I currently play tennis, ski, bicycle (both road and trail), and ballroom dance. I work a job where I can be seated at a computer 9-12 hours a day. I originally came to Drevna-Hudson Physical Therapy and saw Chris Hudson and Amanda Heffelfinger for low back pain from a combination of sitting all day with poor posture and arching my back for tennis serves. Chris and Amanda developed an amazing program of core strengthening exercises and postural position reminders to eliminate my pain. Chris, an exceptional triathlete, also gave me advice on a good overall conditioning program and a great pair of running shoes.

At the end of my rehab, I had the opportunity to meet Tim, a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fans, like myself. I have subsequently needed PT programs with Tim for neck pain, shoulder pain, and recent partial rotator cuff tear from a ski injury. Tim, with the assistance of Amy Finnigan and Sherri Gagne, has completely rehabilitated me each time and given me an exercise program that truly works for me. His command of the relevant anatomy and skill with therapeutic manipulation is exceptional. His love of Pittsburgh sports is infectious. Sherri and Amy have very positive attitudes and have been amazing assistants.

I am currently in a transition exercise program with Luke Diffenderfer which is great for overall conditioning. Luke constantly challenges me without overloading me – exactly what I want in a gym transition program.

II recommend Tim and his associates to all my friends with PT needs. Those who have followed my recommendation have also experienced amazing results. This picture with Tim is my homage to 2 Pittsburgh Steeler and Penn State greats, NFL Hall of Famers, who will live forever in the memories of those who followed their amazing careers. My gratitude to Tim and his staff for exceptional service.

Keith H.