For Exercise and Fitness

The Fitness Program is designed for all of our patients, from high school and collegiate athletes to "seasoned citizens". Our physical therapists use their expertise and knowledge to get you back doing the activities and playing the sports you love. We have developed this program to bridge the gap between completion of our patient's functional rehabilitation programs and being back to full activity.

This exercise and fitness program is customized to guide each person toward attaining their personal goals.

  • We develop an exercise plan for you to use at the health club, fitness center or at home.
  • We use high intensity sport specific drills to return you to recreational or competitive sports.
  • We maximize balance, agility, and coordination
  • We develop power and strength
  • We improve or maintain functional abilities gained during rehabilitation.
  • We get you in shape for seasonal activities or your upcoming travel plans.


Guided by Our Physical Therapist Assistants

  • Luke Diffenderfer

    Luke Diffenderfer, PTA

  • Amy Finnegan

    Amy Finnegan, PTA

  • Bernadette Sheaffer

    Bernadette Sheaffer, PTA

  • Sherri Gagne

    Sherri Gagné, PTA

  • Personal Fitness (PFIT1) - This basic program is exercise only.
    1 hr program $55.00
  • Personal Fitness (PFIT2) - This intermediate program is exercise only.
    1 hr program $65.00
  • Personal Fitness (PFIT3) - This advance program is exercise only, geared towards athletes.
    1 hr program $75.00

These programs are offered to our patients on a cash basis. Payment is expected at the time of service in the form of cash, check, or credit/debit card. Services are not eligible for reimbursement from any health insurance carrier. The frequency and duration of the program are at the discretion of the patient in consultation with our clinical staff.